Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consulting assists firms to sell their products and services. Marketing Consultants have a deep knowledge and a solid experience in how to plan the optimal marketing mix.

A well developed marketing strategy is the key to succeed against competitors. The right marketing programme quantifiably leverages new product success rates, customer satisfaction and retention, brand and customer equity.

With the ever changing Qatar and world market, businesses find it hard to market themselves as traditional ways of marketing do not work anymore. Newspaper advertisements which were one of the main sources of sales leads in Doha have lost to e-marketing.

As your marketing consultant, we will not only help you generate leads and increase sales, we will help you in all areas of your marketing mix. The first of these areas is ofcourse your products and services. We will help you improve these to meet customers’ requirements.

We also help businesses set the right prices, have the right distribution channels and for service industries have well trained staff.

Although our marketing consulting team will help you with all aspects of your marketing mix, we have some of the smartest brains in the market when it comes to new developments in e-marketing and social media.